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  • What is a Blue Chip Artist ?
    What is a Blue Chip Artist ?

    Monday, February 1 2016

    The term “Blue Chip” comes to the art world from the stock market. In 1900, after arriving in New York from England, a young man named Oliver Gingold was offered an entry-level position at the publishing firm of Dow Jones.  One...

  • Who's Afraid of Jackson Pollock?
    Who's Afraid of Jackson Pollock?

    Thursday, January 28 2016

    "I don't paint nature. I am nature."--Jackson Pollock One way to judge an artwork’s power is to measure how many people rage against it. Hate, disgust, confusion and anger are primal emotions. To evoke such feelings from humans, to...

  • Miró on Miró: A Glimpse Inside an Artist's Mind
    Miró on Miró: A Glimpse Inside an...

    Sunday, January 24 2016

    This week a major exhibition of the work of Joan Miró is ending, just as a fascinating glimpse at his process begins. Since October of last year, The Kunsthaus Zürich has been hosting a retrospective of Miró's career. The show...

  • London Art Fair 2016
    London Art Fair 2016

    Friday, January 22 2016

    This week the global art fair season officially kicks off with the London Art Fair, which runs from 20 - 24 January 2016. Returning for its 28th year, the fair is once again being held at the Business Design Centre in the borough of Islington, in...