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  • Interview With American Abstract Painter Dana Gordon
    Interview With American Abstract Painter Dana...

    Thursday, May 18 2017

    New paintings by Dana Gordon are on view at Sideshow Gallery in Brooklyn until 4 June 2017. We recently had a chance to catch up with Gordon and talk to him about this exciting new body of work.

  • Interview with Claude Viallat
    Interview with Claude Viallat

    Friday, June 3 2016

    The French art history of the second half of the 20th century would be incomplete without mentioning a major figure in French and international art scene – Claude Viallat. This remarkable creator is one of the greatest French abstract...

  • Elements of Abstraction - Elizabeth Gourlay in an Exclusive Interview
    Elements of Abstraction - Elizabeth Gourlay in...

    Wednesday, April 27 2016

    Elizabeth Gourlay considers her work a meditation on shapes and colors, sometimes comparing her studio practice to the process of composing music. Using a mixture of mediums ranging from oils to graphite to collage, Gourlay creates abstract...

  • Joanne Freeman Interview
    Joanne Freeman Interview

    Friday, March 4 2016

    Elegant white canvases embellished with only a few carefully designed loops of different colors, exuding a certain rhythm of peacefulness and harmony. The less-is-more principle is evident in the works of Joanne Freeman . With only a few...