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Brenda Biondo is an American photographer whose constructed, abstract sky photographs explore the interplay of light, color, space, materiality and process. Born in New York City, she currently lives and works in the mountain towns of Manitou Springs and Fairplay, Colorado.


Raised by a photographer and advertising art director, Biondo has been exploring the art and craft of photography for most of her life. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, in 1984.


Biondo creates layered, abstract images of the sky through a process akin to collage. First she photographs an image of the sky then prints that image. Next she strategically cuts shapes out of the printed image. Finally, she re-photographs the prints against the backdrop of the sky at a different time of day and under different conditions.

Repetitions of this process result in complex images that could include multiple color variations as well as interventions from clouds and other atmospheric phenomena.

The final images adopt the formal presence of abstract geometric compositions. They possess textural remnants from the surfaces of the original prints, while also conveying depth and dimension from the interplay of natural light during the re-photographing process.

The work is never digitally manipulated. Biondo is attracted to the idea of demonstrating the luminosity, complexity and quality that can be achieved through photography alone.


Biondo is inspired by the work of Light and Space artists like James Turrell and color theorists like Josef Albers. She is interested in the ways we perceive color differently according to the context in which we experience it.

She is also interested in how time affects our perception. Time is an essential element of her photographs since each shape comes from a view of the same sky, but at a different time.
Time is also a factor in her Moving Pictures series, which demonstrate how movement can literally blur the boundaries of past and present.


“Brenda enables us to see familiar objects with fresh eyes, attuned to subtle harmonies of form and color. Reminiscent of abstract exercises in avant-garde graphic design, her Paper Skies are in fact the product of an ingeniously simple process.” — Dr. Ariel Plotek, curator of modern and contemporary art, San Diego Museum of Art (California, USA)

Brenda’s abstract photography presents a unique way of looking at atmospheric color and light, and adds an interesting take on the photograph-as-object approach. Her sense of formal aesthetics often results in images that are evocative of modernist paintings.” — Hamidah Glasgow, executive director of the Center for Fine Art Photography (Colorado, USA)


Photographs by Biondo have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States since 2008, including most recently in the solo exhibition Brenda Biondo: Play, at the San Diego Museum of Art. Her work has appeared extensively in print, including in The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, The Denver Post and Hyperallergic.


Photographs by Biondo are included in several institutional collections, including that of the Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, CA, the San Diego Museum of Art and the Library of Congress, Washington DC.


Goodwin Fine Art, Denver, Colorado